Health and Medicine In Conflict Areas

Artis International engages global health from a local prospective by performing specific research native to each area to better elucidate the social/medical needs of each locality while supporting and incorporating local health traditions into an integrative medical setting. While working via a combination of local traditions and western technologies, an atmosphere of trust and respect can be created and used as a tool to improve the health of individuals and communities in conflict areas and contribute to the resolution of conflict. The Center’s Fellows comprise experts in the areas of fields of medicine, surgery, neuroanatomy, psychology, violence from an inflammatory, genetic and endocrine perspective, non-communicable and communicable diseases in zones of conflict and mother/child/prenatal health care.


Research Priorities


The launching of a two armed research study on neurocognitive inflammation, conflict, violent behaviors, and assessment of conflict mindsets and cognition. Currently recruitment is underway in worldwide centers of conflict as well as microcenters to study acute response of the central nervous system, and inflammation as it relates to conflict scenarios.


The recognition and partnering of local medical and healing communities in conflict zones. If invited, Artis will then partner with these communities to establish medical centers, which will collaborate with locals in a way that honors and supports local values.


Conflict Zone Medical Training Rotations
With support from the Medical, Osteopathic, and Naturopathic communities as well as loan forgiveness programs, we will start the first “rotation” and training program in conflict zone medicine. Training will include medical technique, conflict resolution, language and cultural studies

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