Artis International was established as a multi-disciplinary research institution designed to improve the understanding of cognitive and behavioral science related to politically motivated violence through science-based field research. The institution was born out of a collaboration of scientists, policy makers, and with RTI International, a North Carolina based research institution.


Artis is a Latin term meaning: character, method, science, skill, art and stratagem.   The impetus for establishing Artis was the dearth of science-based field research available to answer the question of why people engage in politically violent acts. Too often, anecdotal information, isolated classroom experiments, and research from a distance become the basis of understanding for policy makers and scientists with regard to transnational political violence. To improve this reality, Artis brings together a multi-disciplinary team of leading scientists and policy experts to perform field research exploring the decision making process of those who have been engaged in politically motivated violent acts.



The ultimate goal of Artis International is to improve the human condition by reducing global conflict. In order to achieve this, we seek to better understand why conflict occurs. Due to the many factors affecting and creating situations of conflict, we are by necessity an interdisciplinary research institute. Artis was designed to improve the understanding of the relationship between cognitive & behavioral science and politically-motivated violence. Artis is committed to publishing our findings in an open, honest and non-partisan manner. On a practical level, our findings from the field become the facts with which we brief policymakers and other clients, providing tools and resources to inform on specific issues and situations. Artis has engaged in research on 6 continents and done work in 46 countries.



The leadership of Artis possesses decades of accumulated experience in understanding both collective political & cultural violence, as well as risk assessment & modeling through research, government leadership, and business. This collective experience allows Artis to access and utilize the top researchers, policy makers, experts and business leaders in these fields. Throughout the years, Artis executives have directed many multidisciplinary and multinational projects, and now strive to better understand the current global climate in relation to peace. Artis appoints senior scientists and policy experts to positions as fellows.  Artis Fellows participate in field research as consultants and investigators. Our approach allows us to bring together numerous universities and research institutions with prominent scientists to enhance the overall research effort.