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Pakistan is harnessing Western media in the wake of the Kashmir crisisSeptember 6, 2019AxiosLawrence
I met Robert Mugabe in the late 1970s.September 6, 2019VoxLawrence
Mapping the Extremist and Counter Extremist Online Groups BangladeshMarch 8, 2017PresentationArtis Looking Glass
Measuring the Polarization Effects of Bot_Accounts in the US Gun Control Debate on Social Media2019Association for Computing MachineryOzer,
Interview with Nafees Hamid: Brain scan: radical Islamists show lower ability for rational thoughtJune 13, 2019RT UKInterview with Nafees
The neuroscience of terrorism: how we convinced a group of radicals to let us scan their brainsJune 12, 2019The ConversationNafees
Study: Lower levels of brain activity in cognitive control and reasoning areas when focusing on sacred valuesJune 12, 2019Medical XpressBob
Why only fellow jihadists can change a suicide bomber’s mindJune 12, 2019The Times (UK)Tom
The First-Ever Brain Scans Of Jihadists Show How Radicalisation Alters The MindJune 12, 2019BuzzFeed.NewsHazel
Neuroimaging ‘will to fight’ for sacred values: an empirical case study with supporters of an Al Qaeda associateJune 12, 2019Royal Society Open ScienceNafees
Brain scans show members of militant Islamist group ‘have a reduced capacity for rational thought’June 11, 2019Daily Mail (UK)Colin
Press Release on Cutting-Edge Radicalisation Research: Explaining the Cognitive Triggers for Extremist Violence Through Brain ScanningJune 5, 2019Artis InternationalArtis International
Combating violent extremism cannot be limited to just securityMay 10, 2019The Daily StarShamsin
Ventromedial and dorsolateral prefrontal interactions underlie will to fight and die for a causeMay 6, 2019Social Cognitive and Affective NeuroscienceClara
The Crisis of Cultures and the Vitality of Values: A Commentary on Emmanuel Macron’s Declaration of the Need for ReligionMay 3, 2019New England Journal of Public PolicyScott
Djihadistes et terroristes d’extrême droite, des alliés objectifsApril 25, 2019L'Obs [France]Scott
From Christchurch to Colombo, Islamists and the far right are playing a deadly duetApril 25, 2019The GuardianScott
Prisons are a hotspot for radicalizationMarch 6, 2019France24Interview with Nafees
Secessionists vs. Unionists in Catalonia: Mood, Emotional Profiles and Beliefs about Secession Perspectives in Two Confronted CommunitiesFebruary 21, 2019PsychologyJosep Maria
The moral logic of political violenceJanuary 11, 2019Trends in Cognitive SciencesJeremy
What Motivates Devoted ActorsDecember 27, 2018Behavioral and Brain SciencesScott Atran & Angel
Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Sacred Values and Vulnerability to Violent Extremism21 December, 2018Frontiers in PsychologyClara Pretus, Nafees Hamid, Hammad
The Group Dynamics That Make Terrorist Teams WorkDecember 19, 2018The ConversationMatthias
Self-sacrifice for a cause: The role of ideas and beliefs in motivating human conflictDecember 13, 2018PsyArXivJeremy
Don’t Just Counter-Message, Counter-Engage28 November, 2018ICCT, The HagueNafees
For Sustainable Peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan, We Need at Least a Modest Bargain with IndiaJuly 23, 2018RUSI.orgWhit
My Kurdish OppressorApril 16, 2018The New York Review of BooksHoshang
Progress Study for UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace & Security: Head’s Up24 March, 2018LinkedinMarc
Can you look into the mind of a terrorist?February 8, 2018Channel News AsiaChannel News
Psychology of RadicalizationFebruary 7, 2018Channel News AsiaChannel News
¿Por qué mueren y por qué matan los yihadistas?December1, 2017Huffington PostCarmen
Immigration and TerrorNovember 17, 2017Countering Violent ExtremismCharles Kriel
Peace in the Kingdom of SilenceNovember 17, 2017Artis International Internship ProgramJames Petermeier
Full Circle Talks with Scott AtranNovember 15, 2017Full Circle, BrusselsFull
Jihadism and far-right fanaticism viewed as responses to the same malaiseNovember 13, 2017The
Unleashed by globalisation’s dark side and the collapse of communities, radical Islam and the alt-Right share a common causeNovember 6, 2017AEONScott
L’EI vaincu ? Pas si vite…October 24, 2017LibérationScott
ISIS After the CaliphateOctober 19, 2017The New York Review of BooksScott
La pasión secesionistaIn PressPublisher: EDLibrosAdolf Tobeñ
Why do people die fighting for a cause?October 15, 2017Science NewsScience
Fundamentalism, Radicalization and Terrorism. Part 2: fundamentalism, regression and repairOctober 2, 2017Psychoanalytic PsychotherapyJohn Lord
Fundamentalism, Radicalization and Terrorism. Part 1: terrorism as dissolution in a complex systemOctober 2, 2017Psychoanalytic PsychotherapyJohn Lord
How Spain Misunderstood the Catalan Independence MovementOctober 1, 2017The AtlanticNafees
Terrorism: The Lessons of BarcelonaSeptember 19, 2017The New York Review of BooksNafees
Q&A: The AI composerSeptember 13, 2017Nature Human BehaviorLaura
Why do people die fighting for a cause?September 5, 2017ScienceMatthew
What motivates someone to join the battle in Iraq?September 5, 2017Radio National [ABC Australia]Fran
The devoted actor’s will to fight and the spiritual dimension of human conflictSeptember 4, 2017Nature Human BehaviorÁngel Gó
What drives ISIS fighters to battle on despite limbs hanging off and how they use it to frighten enemiesSeptember 4, 2017The MirrorClaire
The will to fight for and against ISISSeptember 4, 2017MILTECH [Military Technologies]Macie J.
Spiritual convictions and group identities inspire terrorist acts, study findsSeptember 4, 2017Science NewsBruce
What motivates ISIS fighters — and those who fight against themSeptember 4, 2017CNNJacqueline
Study of Iraq fighters reveals what makes people prepared to die for a causeSeptember 4, 2017The GuardianNicola
Barcelona: thuisbasis voor veel Spaanse jihadistenAugust 29, 2017buitenland eenvandaag (1V TV-Netherlands)Bram De
Nafees Hamid on Barcelona AttacksAugust 18, 2017BBC NewsBBC
What Makes a Terrorist?August 23, 2017The New York Review of BooksNafees
Barcelone-Charlottesville : la crise des culturesAugust 22, 2017LiberationScott
Extremism is surging. To beat it, we need young hearts and mindsAugust 20, 2017The GuardianScott
Barcelona is a focal point for jihadists in SpainAugust 18, 2017VRT NIEUWS, DeRedactie.beJos De
Interview: Nafees Hamid, Terrorism ResearcherAugust 18, 2017Lateline. Australian Broadcasting CorporationDavid
Terrorism Expert In Barcelona Talks About Van Attack Near Las RamblasAugust 17, 2017All Things Considered, National Public RadioKelly
Don’t just denounce radicalized youth. Engage with them.August 15,2017The Washington PostScott
Why has this Generation dropped the baton….?May 29, conversation - John, Lord Alderdice's blogJohn
Scott Atran on Sacred ValuesApril 3, 2017Social Science SpaceSocial Science
Govts advised about ‘antidotes’ to radicalization at Dubai WGS SummitFebruary 14, 2016Arab
Governments advised about ‘antidotes to radicalization’ at World Government Summit breakout sessionFebruary 12, 2017MENA HeraldMENA
Rethinking the War on Terror, with the help of scienceFebruary 3, 2017The Washington PostRobert Gebelhoff
Experts Call for Evidence-based, Field-driven Terrorism ResearchFebruary 2, 2017Forensic MagazineMichelle
Challenges to Researching Terrorism in the FieldJanuary 27, 2017ScienceScott
Strategic aspects of cyberattack, attribution, and blameJanuary 11, 2017Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesBenjamin
The best strategy for cyber-conflict may not be a cyber-strategy8-Nov-16War on the rocksBenjamin
Designing a New AML System1-Sep-16The Clearing HouseJuan
Tackling social ills will do more than bombs to defeat ISIS28-Jul-16The GuardianScott
ISIS: The Durability of Chaos18-Jul-16The New York Review of BooksScott
New studies explore why ordinary people turn terrorist23-Jun-16ScienceNewsBruce
Getting to Know the Enemy: Scott Atran’s Frontline Science16-Jun-16International Peace & Security Programs - Carnegie Corporation of New YorkScott Malcomson
The Devoted Actor: Unconditional Commitment and Intractable Conflict across Cultures1-Jun-16Current AnthropologyScott
Empirical Evidence for the Devoted Actor Model23-May-16Current AnthropologyHammad
Scott Atran: “I__D bir devrimdir”22-May-16MEDYASCOPE.TV.
The Road to ISIS20-May-16The Chronicle of Higher EducationTom[2304588].pdf
La stratégie de Daech: créer un monde binaireApril 2016Nafees Hamid
The EU Is Now Criminalizing Refugees20-Apr-16The NationLydia
On the Front Line Against ISIS19-Apr-16The Daily BeastScott
Sustainable Security and Sacred Values18-Apr-16Sustainable SecurityHammad
Comment devient-on djihadiste?7-Apr-16Telerama.frScott,140496.php
“Terror in Europe” – A Testimony5-Apr-16Statement before the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Juan
Hamas, Popular Support and War in the Middle East18-Feb-16Hamas, Popular Support and War in the Middle East: Insurgency in the Holy LandRichard
Thinking from God’s perspective decreases biased valuation of the life of a nonbeliever28-Dec-15Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaJeremy
ISIS is a revolution16-Dec-15AeonScott
Die drei Grundformen des Dschihad15-Dec-15ZEIT Hammad
Whether to Kill14-Dec-15Whether to Kill: The Cognitive Maps of Violent and Nonviolent Individuals. University of Pennsylvania Press. Stephanie
Paris: The War ISIS Wants16-Nov-15The New York Review of BooksNafees
Mindless terrorists? The Truth about ISIS…15-Nov-15The GuardianScott
Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters23-Oct-15The NationLydia
Cybersecurity in Israel2015Lior Tabansky
ISIS and the Assad dynasty25-Sep-15The Times Literary SupplementLydia
What drives Westerners to fight for ISIL?12-Sep-15UpFront with Mehdi Hasan, Al Jazeera TVMehdi
The Kurds’ Heroic Stand Against ISIS16-Mar-15The New York TimesScott
The ISIS in the Room5-Feb-15NautilusLydia
The Devoted Actor as Parochial Altruist30-Dec-14Cliodynamics: The Journal of Quantitative History and CulturalHammad
For Cause and Comrade and colleagues30-Dec-14Cliodynamics: The Journal of Quantitative History and Cultural Evolution.Scott
Devoted actors sacrifice for close comrades and sacred cause4-Dec-14Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaScott Atran
Multi-Method Assessment of ISILDecember 2014Michael
The Devoted Actor, Sacred Values, and Willingness to Fight30-Nov-14Executive Summary presented to U.S. SenateScott
Motive attribution asymmetry20-Oct-14Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaAdam
Jihad’s fatal attraction17-Sep-14The GuardianScott
Incentives for War, Beyond Material Gain21-Aug-14The New York TimesArtis International
U.S. Must Help Deal Directly With Hamas5-Aug-14The New York TimesScott
Countering Violent Extremism24-Apr-14Presented to US DoS, Center for Strategic Counterterrorism and DoD Defense Science BoardScott
Briefing to the U.S. Defense Science Board13-Feb-14Briefing to the U.S. DOD Defense Science BoardScott
A Garden Experiment Revisited12-Nov-13Journal of the Royal Anthropological InstituteOliver le
Cyber Security Valley14-Jul-13Arizona RepublicRichard
Social Science in the National Interest15-Mar-13Foreign PolicyScott
Social evolution: The ritual animal23-Jan-13NATUREDan
“Managing Egypt” – A Memo8-Nov-12Memo prepared for the NSSArtis International
God and the Ivory Tower6-Aug-12FOREIGN POLICYScott
Religious and Sacred Imperatives in Human Conflict18-May-12SCIENCE (SPECIAL SECTION)Scott
Religion, group threat and sacred values1-Mar-12JUDGEMENT AND DECISION MAKINGHammad
Talking to the Enemy: An alternative approach1-Feb-12The Solutions JournalScott
The Price of Your Soul: Neural Evidence for the Non-Utilitarian Representation of Sacred Values25-Jan-12Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Biological SciencesGregory
The biology of cultural conflict25-Jan-12The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Biological SciencesGregory
Survey of Energy Resources1-Jan-12Presented to World Energy CouncilRichard
Gangs, terrorism and radicalization1-Dec-11JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC SECURITYScott
The Value(s) of IRBs3-Nov-11APS OBSERVERScott
Leaving the gang1-Nov-11COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONSScott
La Tercera Cultura: Entrevista a Scott Atran22-Oct-11CULTURE 3.0Scott Atran .pdf
Dix Ans Aprުs, L’empreinte du 11-Septembre9-Oct-11LA CROIXMarie'empreinte_du_11_Septembre.pdf
How Killing Awlaki Affects America, Al Qaeda, and the Arab Spring1-Oct-11HUFF POST WORLDScott
The Terrorism Expert8-Sep-11Michigan TodayScott
Scott Atran – Violent Extremism and Sacred Values29-Aug-11PointOfInquiry.orgChris
Violent Extremism8-Aug-11AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGISTJeremy
Enemies7-Aug-11The Chronicle ReviewScott
The Battle for Reform With Al-Qaeda1-Jun-11The Washington QuaterlyJuan
The Emotions of Nuclear Experts1-Apr-11Bulletin of the Atomic
The Role of Social and Decision Sciences in Communicating Uncertain Climate Risks26-Mar-11Nature Climate
Sam Harris’s Guide to Nearly Everything1-Mar-11National InterestScott
Pumping Up the Muslim BrotherhoodFebruary 4, 2011The Huffington PostScott
Calling the Muslim Brotherhood2-Feb-11The National InterestScott
Survey of Energy Resources: Focus on Shale Gas:7-Dec-10Artis InternationalRichard
The Taliban’s Expat Jihadists26-Nov-10The GuardianScott
Nato’s Mission Impossible: Its Effects on the Afghan Partisan Movement and on US26-Nov-10The Huffington PostScott
The Indonesia Opportunity: Why this Southeast Asian Country is Obama’s Best Hope for Relations With the Muslim World9-Nov-10Foreign PolicyJuan
Keystone Al -Kaeda: In the Battle Against Al Qaeda, the Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself5-Nov-10Foreign PolicyScott
Turning the Taliban Against Al Qaeda26-Oct-10The New York TimesScott
The Evolution of Religion: How Cognitive By Products Adaptive Learning Heuristics, Ritual Displays, and Group Competition Generate Deep Commitments to Prosocial Religions1-Oct-10Biological Theory QuarterlyScott
Beyond Sanctions20-Sep-10National ReviewJuan
Supreme Court’s Hard Line on Supporting Terrorists is the Right Line16-Aug-10Christian Science MonitorJuan
Europe Gets it Right12-Aug-10Foreign PolicyJuan
A Question of Honour: Why the Taliban Fight and What to Do About It23-Jul-10Asian Journal of Social ScienceScott
The Romance of Terror19-Jul-10The GuardianScott
Protecting Lives and Data: A Critical Test for Europe7-Jul-10Center for Strategic and International StudiesJuan
Who Becomes a Terrorist Today?1-Jul-10Perspectives on TerrorismScott
Mutually Assured Support: A Security Doctrine for Terrorist Nuclear Weapon Threats1-Jul-10The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social ScienceScott
Why We Talk to Terrorists30-Jun-10The New York TimesScott
Decentralize, Adapt, Cooperate20-May-10NatureScott
Understanding How the Privileged Become Violent Fanatics7-May-10The Huffington PostScott
Times Square Bomber: Another of the Dangerous Disillusioned7-May-10The GuardianScott
Eighteen Months and Beyond: Implications of U.S. Policy in Afghanistan1-Apr-10Symposium: U.S. Policy in AfghanistanBruce
Pathways to and from violent extremism10-Mar-10Presented to Senate Armed Services CommitteeScott
Time to Reset Politics, Focus on Enemy22-Feb-10PoliticoJuan
On the psychology of religious fundamentalism1-Jan-10 in RELIGION AND PSYCHIATRY & BEYOND BOUNDARIESThe Lord John
Off the couch and round the conference table1-Jan-10In CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOANALYTIC APPLICATIONSThe Lord John
The Terror Scare30-Dec-09The Huffington PostScott
To Beat Al Qaeda, Look to the East13-Dec-09The New York TimesScott
Emerging Sacred Values: Iran’s Nuclear Program1-Dec-09Judgment and Decision MakingScott
Plaudi la Rivoluzione Cognitiva7-Nov-09Il Sole 24 OreScott
In Memory of Claude Levi-Strauss4-Nov-09International Cognition and Culture InstituteScott
Resilient Faith28-Oct-09The GuardianScott
Harnessing the Financial Furies: Smart Financial Power and National Security26-Oct-09The Washington QuarterlyJuan
Barack’s Nobel: A Symbolic Gesture of Hope to the World’s Youth10-Oct-09The Huffington PostScott
The (Im)moral Logic of the Show Trial8-Aug-09The Huffington PostScott
Theoretical Frames on Pathways to Violent RadicalizationAugust 1, 2009Artis Research & Risk ModelingScott Atran
What Motivates Participation in Violent Political Action?1-Jun-09Annals of the New York Academy of SciencesScott
Sacred Values: Psychological and Anthropological Perspectives on Fairness, Fundamentalism, and Terrorism1-Jun-09Annals of the New York Academy of SciencesJohn Thomas
Smart Financial Power and International Security21-Apr-09Center for Strategic and International StudiesJuan
The Moral Measure of a Civilization Is in Its Treatment of Enemies18-Apr-09The Huffington PostScott
Unleash the Financial Furies against North Korea14-Apr-09Los Angeles TimesJuan
The Torture Veto and America’s Image11-Mar-09The New York TimesScott
How Words Could End a War25-Jan-09The New York TimesScott
Religion in America: Why Many Democrats and Europeans Don’t Get It13-Sep-08The Huffington PostScott
Humiliation and the Inertia Effect1-Sep-08 Journal of Cognition & CultureScott
Putting Al Qaeda on the Couch19-Jul-08NewsweekMarc
Does Osama Still Call the Shots?10-Jul-08Foreign AffairsMarc
In Theory: Reframing Sacred Values1-Jul-08Negotiation JournalScott
A Strategy for Fighting International Islamic Terrorists1-Jul-08The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social ScienceMarc
Fear Versus Hope in the Fight Against Terror25-Jun-08The Huffington PostScott
Uncovering the Dark Web: A Case Study of Jihad on the Web7-Apr-08 Journal of the American Society for Information Science and TechnologyMarc
The Making of a Terrorist: A Need for Understanding from the Field12-Mar-08Testimony before the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland SecurityScott
Waterboarding: Our Sacred Right11-Mar-08The Huffington PostScott
The Next Generation of Terror1-Mar-08Foreign PolicyMarc
Jemaah Islamiyah’s Radical Madrassah Networks1-Mar-08Dynamics of Asymmetric ConflictScott
Portrait of a Modern Terrorist Group2-Feb-08New ScientistMarc
Connecting Terrorist Networks1-Jan-08Studies in Conflict & TerrorismMarc
Understanding Terrorism and What We Can Do About It: A Continuing Conversation With Lord John Alderdice1-Sep-07Internaitonal Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic StudiesThe Lord John
Terror’s Social Club1-Sep-07Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsMarc
Cultural Mosaics and Mental Models of Nature28-Aug-07Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaScott
Sacred Barriers to Conflict Resolution24-Aug-07ScienceScott
The Nature of Belief28-Jul-07ScienceScott
Sacred Bounds on Rational Resolution of Violent Political Conflict1-May-07Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaScott
Terror Networks and Sacred Values27-Mar-07Political Violence ReportScott
Give Palestine’s Unity Government a Chance4-Mar-07The Huffington PostScott
Counting Casualties: A Framework for Respectful, Useful Records1-Feb-07 Journal of Risk and UncertaintyScott
The Evolution of Ethnocentrism1-Dec-06The Journal of Conflict ResolutionRobert
Pakistan: Balancing Act1-Nov-06Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsScott
An Evolutionary Approach to Norms1-Nov-06American Political Science ReviewRobert
Devoted Actor Versus Rational Actor Models for Understanding World Conflict14-Sep-06Presented to The National Security CouncilScott
Evolution of Cooperation among Tumor Cells5-Sep-06Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaRobert
Is Hamas Ready to Deal?17-Aug-06The New York TimesScott
Sacred Values. If the Middle East Peace Process is to be Salvaged, Israelis and Palestinians Must Make Symbolic Concessions. But Time is Running Out.19-Jul-06Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsScott
Connecting the Dots and Scott Atran1-Jul-06Bulletin of Atomic ScientistsScott
Analyzing the Terrorist Social Networks with Visualization Tools23-May-06Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security InformaticsMarc
The Moral Logic and Growth of Suicide Terrorism1-Apr-06Washington QuarterlyScott
A Failure of Imagination1-Apr-06Studies in Conflict & TerrorismScott
Religion’s Innate Origins and Evolutionary Background26-Mar-06The Innate Mind: Vol. 2: Culture and CognitionScott
Fighting the Right War16-Mar-06National De-Fence University Joint Operations SymposiumMarc
To Jihad and Back1-Nov-05Foreign PolicyScott
The Emir: An Interview with Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, Alleged Leader of the Southeast Asian Jemaah Islamiyah Organization26-Oct-05The Jamestown FoundationScott
The Cultural Mind: Environmental Decision Making and Cultural Modeling Within and Across Populations26-Oct-05Psychological ReviewScott
In Indonesia, Democracy Isn’t Enough5-Oct-05The New York TimesScott
Small Groups Find Fatal Purpose through the Web29-Sep-05NatureScott
Folkbiology of Freshwater Fish6-Sep-05CognitionScott
Unintelligent Design30-Aug-05EdgeScott
The Virtual Hand of Jihad19-May-05Jamestown Terrorism MonitorScott
Facing Catastrophe-Risk and Response: the 9-11 and 11-M Commissions’ Blind Sides1-May-05AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory StudiesScott
Lethal Lapses in Intelligence2-Apr-05The New York TimesScott
Adaptationism for Human Cognition: Strong, Spurious or Weak?1-Feb-05Mind & LanguageScott
Hamas May Give Peace a Chance18-Dec-04The New York TimesScott
Turning Out Hell’s Harpists26-Nov-04World Federation of ScientistsScott
Let Liberty Transform Palestinians, Too27-Oct-04The Christian Science MonitorScott
Religion’s Evolutionary Landscape: Counterintuition, Commitment, Compassion, Communion26-Oct-04Behavioral and Brain SciencesScott
Anti-Anti Cartesianism: A Reply to Shanker26-Oct-04Current AnthropologyScott
The Native Mind: Biological Categorization and Reasoning in Development and Across Cultures1-Oct-04Psychological ReviewScott
Trends in Suicide Terrorism: Sense and Nonsense26-Aug-04World Federation of ScientistsScott
Altruism via Kin-Selection Strategies That Rely on Arbitrary Tags with Which They Coevolve1-Aug-04EvolutionRobert
Mishandling Suicide Terrorism1-Jul-04Washington QuarterlyScott
Evolution and Devolution of Knowledge: A Tale of Two Biologies1-Jun-04Journal of the Royal Anthropological InstituteScott
The Jihadist Mutation7-Apr-04The Jamestown FoundationScott
Individual Factors in Suicide Terrorism2-Apr-04ScienceScott
A Leaner, Meaner Jihad16-Mar-04The New York TimesScott
Children’s Attributions of Beliefs to Humans and God: Cross-Cultural Evidence1-Jan-04Cognitive ScienceScott
The Strategic Threat from Suicide Terror26-Dec-03AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory StudiesScott
A Historical Note on False Traumatic Memories6-Nov-03Journal of Clinical PsychologyMarc
What Motivates a Terrorist?28-Sep-03The New York TimesScott
A Metamodule for Conceptual Integration: Language or Theory of Mind11-Aug-03Behavioral and Brain ScienceScott
Who Wants to Be a Martyr?5-May-03The New York TimesScott
Theorie Cognitive de la Culture Une Alternative Evolutionniste a la Sociobiology et a la Selection Collective1-Apr-03L'HommeScott
U.S. Off Target in Terror War7-Mar-03Detroit Free PressScott
Genesis of Suicide Terrorism7-Mar-03ScienceScott
Cultural and Experimental Differences in the Development of Folkbiological Induction1-Jan-03Cognitive DevelopmentScott
The Neuropsychology of Religion26-Oct-02NeuroTheology: Brain, Science, Spirituality & Religious ExperienceScott
Modest Adaptationism: Muddling Trough Cognition and Language26-Oct-02Behavioral and Brain SciencesScott
Essentialism and Folkbiology: Evidence from Brazil1-Sep-02 Journal of Cognition & CultureScott
Thinking About Biology. Modular Constraints on Categorization and Reasoning in the Everyday Life of Americans, Maya, and Scientists1-Jun-02Mind & SocietyScott
Folkecology, Cultural Edipemiology, and the Spirit of the Commons1-Jun-02Current AnthropologyScott
A Bird’s Eye View: Biological Categorization and Reasoning Within and Across Cultures1-Feb-02CognitionBailenson,
The Case for Modularity: Sin or Salvation26-Oct-01Evolution and CognitionScott
A Cheater-Detection Module?26-Oct-01Evolution and CognitionScott
The Trouble with Memes5-Mar-01Human NatureScott
Folkbiology Doesn’t Come from Folkpsychology1-Feb-01 Journal of Cognition & CultureScott
The Emergence of a New Dog Of War26-Oct-98Stanford Journal of International LawJuan

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