ARTIS Services


ARTIS Research & Risk Modeling was established as a multi-disciplinary research institution designed to improve the understanding of cognitive and behavioral science related to politically motivated violence through science-based field research. The institution was born out of a collaboration of scientists and policy makers with RTI International, a North Carolina based research institution.

ArtisSM Research Services

Artis provides research and risk modeling services to both public and private clients. With over two-hundred years of collective experience, our scientists are recognized by industry and the academic community as the top provider of scientific research on human decision making in political violence. Using the most rigorous methods and tested techniques, Artis provides data that is accurate, timely, and relevant to our clients’ objectives.

ArtisSM International Business Consulting

Artis provides a range of services for companies looking to navigate the volatile ideological and political conflicts impacting their business. We send highly-trained experts into the field to conduct research for you. Armed with this data, senior fellows develop risk models and put together training material for your personnel. Companies utilizing Artis’ consulting reduce the risk of conflict within foreign countries and are better able to meet the demands of their business. Whether your company is an energy company, a company seeking to develop natural resources, or even looking for a place to establish your cloud servers, Artis provides you with the means to understand and mitigate the risks of international business.

ArtisSM Educational Services

Artis develops educational curricula for understanding the nature of political violence, religious extremism, conflict management and the role of Sacred Values in decision-making. The briefings and education kits created by Artis are based on our research team’s first-hand knowledge about the circumstances, motivations, and beliefs of the participants.

ArtisSM Homeland Security Consulting

Artis provides consulting services for those policy makers wishing to understand and prevent political violence. The Artis team interviews political and military leaders, supporters and would-be warriors to generate behavior models; these models are then experimentally tested for reliability and accuracy. Equipped with this knowledge and with Artis senior fellows at hand, policy makers can confidently work towards reducing radicalism and political violence.

Devoted ActorSM Model

The Devoted ActorSM Model corrects the deficiencies of utilitarian or “rational actor” theories by explaining the reasons for a non-rational actor’s immunity to material trade-offs, insensitivity to framing effects, and the importance of sacred values in a subject’s reasoning. Artis’ model is an accurate predictor of the likely responses of these persons to various inducements and provocations. With such knowledge, errors costing both lives and treasure may be mitigated, if not avoided entirely.

Devoted ActorSM Model Risk Services

Artis is able to identify the pathways to violent extremism as well as the intervention points which would turn would-be militants from violence. Our Devoted ActorSM Model training programs and briefings enable decision makers to understand which values held by extremists would lead towards political violence and which policies best address the core conflicts.