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One of the central challenges in the modern peace and security field is making clear, accurate and timely assessments of the psychological landscape through which any successful initiative must navigate. Sentiments, beliefs, values, emotions and a wide range of more nuanced psychological factors can present an extremely complex environment in which practical, lasting solutions can seem unreachable.

In order to develop and deploy effective conflict resolution solutions, the core beliefs and motivations that drive violence must be clearly identified and understood. Over a decade ago, Artis International was established to do just this and the Devoted Actor Framework is the end result.


Devoted Actor Services

Artis has spent years, and invested millions of dollars, conducting rigorous field studies in multiple conflict zones in order to develop a new set of conflict resolution measures and approaches that work when all others fail. It is in this sub-set of ‘intractable conflicts’ where our insights and services truly stand apart, however our work is readily applicable to any conflict domain.

Our approach is rooted in objective, scientific research conducted with custom designed analytics resources; both in the field and, increasingly, online. We are able to monitor, survey and directly engage with virtually any group, faction or community, through programs that yield immediate actionable insights.

We call this capability: Devoted Actor Services, as it was originally derived from our seminal Devoted Actor conflict resolution framework.

Artis International proudly offers this service on a global basis and we stand ready to engage with any conflict resolution, monitoring or avoidance program at a moment’s notice.

For more information about our Devoted Actor Services, and how Artis can assist your peace and security efforts, please contact us using the form below, or at the following email address: