Artis International Senior Research Fellow, Angel Gomez, has won a prestigious European Research Council grant, under the Horizon 2020 funding initiative. Angel’s proposal involves the introduction and empirical testing of “the first comprehensive multi-theoretical framework for the study of radicalization leading to violence, and de-radicalization”.
Specifically, Angel’s award will fund efforts to:

Develop a multi-theory model for the nature and mechanisms underlying radicalization leading to violence and deradicalization.

Develop an innovative methodology to assess these processes by a platform for data collection including dynamic and interactive measures of radicalization and deradicalization in large samples in five continents.

Examine the mechanisms underlying radicalization outside and inside prisons in 10 nations (Spain, Iraq, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka, Colombia, Morocco, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan) through interviews, combined with online cross-sectional and longitudinal experiments to allow the inference of causality.

Focus on the development of evidence-based programs designed to prevent radicalization in prisons and to conduct de-radicalization with incarcerated violent extremist offenders.

Angel’s work has been vital to many past, and current, Artis projects. This award is further testament to the quality, scope, and vision of his research work.