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L’anthropologue estime qu’il faut comprendre les terroristes pour les combattre. TV5 Monde (“Scott Atran” interview with P. Simonin, 29 April 2016).

Global news and analysis presented by Mark Mardell, on The World This Weekend.  Listen at the 21 minute mark to hear his fascinating interview about ISIS as a revolution with Scott Atran, a research fellow who has interviewed many terrorist sympathizers who believes we are underestimating the strength of this movement – we have “miles and…

Vendantam, S.  (16 Dec 2015).  Interview with Scott Atran.  The Psychology of Radicalization: How Terrorist Groups Attract Young Followers.  The Hidden Brain – NPR.

Reinier, R. (16 Dec 2015). Interview with Nafees Hamid.  La principale ressource de Daech, ce sont ses combattants. AlterEcoPlus.

Can We Construct a Counter-Narrative to ISIS’s End Goal? What exactly is the ISIS endgame? NPR’s Rachel Martin speaks with Scott Atran, co-author of the New York Review of Books post “Paris: The War ISIS Wants.”

Young Investigator [line] bethany ojalehto is a graduate student in Cognitive Psychology at Northwestern University. Her research explores how people conceptualize agency and ecologies, with a focus on cultural variation in concepts of nonhuman beings (plants, animals, and other natural kinds) and human relationships with their environments. She has been fortunate to develop these research…

Congratulations to Robert Axelrod, Senior Research Fellow at ARTIS Research and Professor at the University of Michigan, who is a 2014 recipient of the National Medal of Science.  This award is the country’s highest honor for achievement and leadership in advancing the field.

U.S. Must Help Deal Directly With Hamas. The New York Times. August 5, 2014.  By Scott Atran.

Research Fellow [line] Nadine Obeid, PhD is a clinical psychologist who is interested in the multiple facets of perception, identity, conflict and its resolution in both her research and clinical work. Her research work has included qualitative and quantitative studies in Lebanon with diverse religious communities, looking at the roles of sacred values and moral…