Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition of benevolence, confidence, justice.

Government clients have recognized that among their research partners, Artis is the one that most consistently yields insights directly applicable to security policy. Artis Peace and Security pushes that application further, using empirically grounded insights as the basis for designing and implementing a wide range of activities to foster social and political change toward greater human security and stability.

Artis Peace and Security applies insights about how people think, feel and behave to designing and implementing projects to support peace, security and durable stability. Through our global network, we deliver projects that catalyse, support and amplify lasting positive change in the world’s most challenging environments. Artis has applied its insights to a wide variety of threats and challenges, including: countering violent extremism on five continents; Track II diplomacy regarding nuclear proliferation; helping to mediate resource conflicts in West Africa and Latin America; and defeating efforts to undermine Western values in Europe.


In addition to deep experience with all forms of conflict, security and stabilization processes, we have world-class experts in strategic communication and in delivering medical services and education in conflict and post-conflict environments.  Artis’s commitment to scientific research as the basis for effective action, combined with our vast range of expertise, means the interventions we design and implement rigorously reflect the best possible understanding of the social behavior we are attempting to change.