We join together top scientists, universities and research institutions with policy makers and experts so that multidisciplinary field research can better enhance scientific understanding of social movements, political and cultural violence, cyber crimes and technology, and energy issues.

  • Devoted Actor℠ Services and Conflict Area Risk Assessment

    Artis provides top-level analysis based on field-based scientific research. Methods employed include Devoted Actor℠ Research, Social Movement Research, and Network Analysis.

  • Energy Resource Analysis

    Our practical interest in Energy resources comes from the realization that energy will not come from the current sources forever, and is coupled with a desire to better understand the current technology in existence, possibilities being developed, and global needs and access.

  • Cyber Behavior / LookingGlass

    ARTIS seeks to better understand motivations, mechanics, and issues such as insider threat, as well as to develop an intimate familiarity with the workings of cyber-based conflict. Artis uses its LookingGlass tool to monitor trends, networks, and sentiments in the online domain.

  • Health and Medicine in Conflict Areas

    Artis engages global health from a local prospective by performing specific research native to each area to better elucidate the social/medical needs of each locality while supporting and incorporating local health traditions into an integrative medical setting.

  • Educational Development

    Artis develops educational curricula relating to all listed research specializations. The briefings and education kits created by Artis are based on our research team’s field and lab experiments.

  • Track II Diplomacy

    Track II Diplomacy: Artis has experience working with government officials and interlocutors to help mitigate and resolve conflicts.