About Us

A Scientific Foundation

Our research activities are rooted in culturally and linguistically sensitive investigative studies, led by top scientists (including several members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences) and formulated on the basis of hypothesis testing and rigorous experimental design and measurement. We routinely publish peer-reviewed results in the world’s leading scientific publications (e.g., Science, PNAS, Nature journals), and our research is frequently cited and discussed by the wider research, policy, and professional communities.

Research Initiatives

At Artis International, we conduct field-based scientific research across the globe, encompassing diverse cultures and engaging with key populations in customizing cognitive and behavioral studies to enhance their general validity.

Our research initiatives delve into the complexities of human behavior, motivation, cultural identity, and the universal as well as culturally-particular values that shape people’s actions and inform conflict resolution. We also recognize the significant impact of online influence on our interconnected world. Exploring the intricate interplay of thought and action through behavioral and brain science, we aim to understand how individuals create, propagate, and are influenced by information in the digital landscape. Our work uncovers universal as well as culture-specific principles that drive engagement, shape public opinion, and predict behavior in the online environment. By illuminating these dynamics, we provide empirical evidence that enables decision makers to navigate the complex challenges of the modern world.