Artis Fellows are selected for their unique experience and scientific and technological capacity; many keep appointments with universities. Our Fellows are deployed in inter-disciplinary research teams.

ARTIS International Team

The leadership of ARTIS has accumulated decades of experience studying and working to understand collective political & cultural violence, as well as risk assessment & modeling through research, government leadership, and business.

This collective experience allows ARTIS to access and utilize the top researchers, policy makers, experts and business leaders in these fields. Artis Fellows have directed many interdisciplinary and multinational projects for the public and private sector in an effort to improve the human condition.

Davis PhD, Richard
Co-Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Directs company, maximizing value and impact.
Atran PhD, Scott
Co-Founder and CRO (Chief Research Officer)
Directs the development and execution of field-based scientific research.
Fears (ret. RADM), Doug
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Directs corporate operations.
Botea, George
CFO (Chief Financial Offcier)
Manages corporate financial actions.
Ostergaard PhD, Dan
CSO (Chief Security Officer)
Manages corporate security.
Davulcu PhD, Hasan
CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Manages corporate technology
Fatica, Andrea
Director of Program Compliance
Buckley PhD, Tess
Director of Communications
Senior Research Fellows
Axelrod PhD, Robert
Senior Fellow
Ben-Israel PhD, Isaac
Senior Fellow
Fischhoff PhD, Baruch
Senior Fellow
Gelfand PhD, Michelle
Senior Fellow
Ginges PhD, Jeremy
Senior Fellow
Gomez PhD, Angel
Senior Fellow
Kruglanski PhD, Arie
Senior Fellow
Liu PhD, Vincent
Senior Fellow
Medin PhD, Douglas
Senior Fellow
Nisbett PhD, Richard
Senior Fellow
Parry PhD, Sam
Senior Fellow
Shikaki PhD, Khalil
Senior Fellow
Tobena PhD, Adolf
Senior Fellow
Vilarroya PhD, Oscar
Senior Fellow
Weiss PhD, Decker
Senior Fellow
Zarate, Juan
Senior Fellow