Buckley PhD, Tess

Director of Communications

Tess M. Buckley is a Senior Analyst and Director of Communications at Artis International. Her research focuses primarily on attitude and behavior change as well as resistance to persuasive appeals. She uses qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how mediated, interpersonal, and organizational messages influence individuals’ attitudes and behaviors, as well as the efficacy of tailored communication to enhance individual and societal well-being. Her dissertation, “Moral Matching: Strategic Messaging to Overcome Barriers to Persuasion” experimentally tested the effects of moral frames in persuasive appeals to communicate health information across political divides.


In addition to her role at Artis, Dr. Buckley is an Instructional Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at Chapman University where she received her Ph.D. in Communication. She has an M.A. from California Status University and a B.A. from Biola University.